New posting guideline, and a reminder of the reddit content policy.

Greetings!Recently /r/3dprinting has seen a lot of new subscribers join, which I think is wonderful.The bad news is that this has caused a rash of unacceptable posts on the subreddit.As such, we (the mod team) would like to provide a general reminder to everyone that while some other subs may not take the reddit content policy seriously, we do.Additionally we are providing this specific guideline for this subreddit:Being an asshole on the internet is OK.Providing instructions designed to harm another or damage their equipment is not.I’m sure some of you are wondering why we need to make a post like this. Apparently some people think giving someone instructions to inhale or ingest toxic agents like chlorine as a method for counteracting ABS fumes is funny. In reality it falls afoul of both the site-wide content policy, local laws in many cases, and completely disregards the fact that the poster themselves was once one of the lucky 10,000.Fire is distinctly un-amusing in similar ways, as are various forms of death threats.And yes, we have seen all of these in the last month or so.In short, to quote /u/ubermeisters:This is an educational and community based sub, not an arena for assholes to get their jollies.As always, questions comments and general feedback are welcome.

Source for a 1000 tooth/2000mm continuous GT2 belt?

I’m looking for some longer GT2 belts but not having much luck. I don’t want custom belts as I might share my contraption and I want others to be able to find the parts as well. Anyone run into this size or something greater than the 762 tooth continuous belts?