So close, yet so far! *sigh*

After 8 or so hours and nearing the end the print fails… sigh. This was on a Rostock Max v2. The print failed because as the z-height increased it increased the amount of pressure/torque on the PTFE tubing that guides the filament to the hot-end. My extruder spring was not tight enough so there was not enough pressure so the flowrate of filament decreased. Its all apart of the learning experience and calibration as my Rostock has not printed this yet before. Such a shame as this print was coming along so well.

Dear People of /r/3dprinting, i have one week off and i intend to spend that week refining my prints to get the best quality i can. Could someone (or people) please help? (Wanhao i3 Mk2)

As the title suggests i have one week off and i would like to refine my prints to the highest quality that i can get them.I have a wanhao and a glass plate.The way i see it before i start printing mods i should make sure everything is tight/taut and that all the settings are perfect.Here is where i need your guys help, i’ve done enough research to know what i need to print but i can’t find any sort of ‘golden’ settings to use. I think it would be beneficial for everyone on this sub if we had default tested ini files for different programs and printers, currently i’m using cura.Thanks in advance for any help.