Don’t Buy Simplify3D until they relax their extreme DRM.

I’ve seen this posted a few times before – recently here last month, but I think it needs to be brought up again and again to warn new printers, or until Simplify3D is forced to make a change.For those who don’t know, Simplify3D requires a server account validation to log in. Now this would be fine if it worked properly (albeit still stingy for a cheap, niche program in my opinion).Unfortunately there’s a glaring problem. For many people including me, a bug causes the program to think your computer is different when the computer is restarted. Since there is a limit to how many installs you are allowed, naturally you get locked out.Now simplify does allow you to reset the registered devices once online, but after that, you have to contact support. Here’s where part two of the issue arises – If you ask for support, they take forever to get back to you, if at all. i’m assuming it’s because they are constantly swamped with people that have the same problem. What’s the end result here? Well for us, we have paying customers. So that means either telling them their print is going to be delayed day after day after day, or finding a program crack.Simplify3D, you’re forcing us, a paying customer to consider cracking your software. Since you seem to be unwilling to address this problem, I am going to help keep it in the spotlight until you /u/PuffThePed said in that last thread:”As usual, DRM only hurts paying customers.”