Anyone else having trouble sorting by “newest” on Thingiverse’s search page?

It seemed to be working fine a while back, but now the results I get for Newest are the same as those for Relevant. (Edit: Actually, it seems I can’t even select Newest, it just displays Relevant when I attempt to change it.) Tried clearing my cookies, using a different browser, etc.Very annoying, as I need to update my collection of things that I’ll never get around to printing and probably don’t need anyway. :/

Whats the strongest fairly stiff material I can print with?

I’ve got some taulman 910 nylon which is very very tough. But its a bit too flexible for my needs. I’ve got some PETG as well but its not strong enough for me. Is there anything between PETG and Taulman 910 as far as flexibility but with strength on par with the nylon?