PSA: Beginners, please stop using Benchys as your first print and then asking for help when it fails.

The benchy model is a benchmark of your printer, a kind of torture test. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to help anyone with their printer, but a benchy is a bad choice for a first print. It’s not made to be a first print because of its small first layer surface area, its harsh overhangs, its fine details, and its thin walls.I believe I speak on behalf of a majority of /r/3dprinting members when I say we’re tired of seeing people ask what to do when their benchy fails and it’s their first print.I’d suggest printing a calibration cube first. Those are good at indicating basic problems like over or under extrusion, bad surface adhesion, blobs, stringing, and a lot of other easy fixes.Also of you’re a beginner, please check Simplify3Ds Troubleshooting Guide because it has lots of useful information for fixing small problems.Thus concludes my rant. Carry on.